Private rooms from 12 to 30m²

starts at €430/month

All our private rooms include a bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom (shower and toilet).

We know that for lots of students it is not quite easy to buy or transport furniture. That is why 365 provides student rooms with the basic furniture such as a bed with mattress, a wardrobe, a desk with lamp and a chair. Students can also buy a bed pack if interested. (For more information on the bed pack, please see our FAQ.)

However, we know there are other people who love to use their own furniture which is possible as well since we also offer unfurnished rooms to rent.

Once you have made your choice, you can pick which type of student room you want, depending on availabilities.

Please note that there is no elevator in the buildings A-B-C-D.

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  • Electric hob
  • Fridge + Small Freezer


  • shower
  • Basin
  • toilet

365 ⎜ Facilities

  • wifi network
  • Bike Parking
  • Team & assistance
  • Study room
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning
  • Garden
  • Transport
  • Security


Main entry

Avenue de la Couronne 365
1050 Brussels

Secondary entry

Rue César Franck 76
1050 Brussels


ULB Campus 1 km

VUB Campus 2 km

Etterbeek Station 0.7 km


Bike sharing (Villo!)

Bus & Tramway (STIB)

Train (SNCB)

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