Are there any communal spaces?

Yes, there are. There is a study room available to all our students as well as an inner court with garden.

Is there a laundry room?

There definitely is. Our laundry room can be found in the basement of building E. The washing machines as well as the dryers can be used for a cost of €2 per cycle.


Which furniture is included in the furnished rooms?

The furnished rooms include a bed with mattress, a wardrobe, a desk with lamp and a chair.

What is a bedpack? How much does it cost and what does it include?

Residents at 365 can buy a bed pack for €30 which includes:

- a pillow,

- a pillowcase,

- a duvet,

- a duvet sheet,

- a bed sheet

--> for a surplus of €10 you can also get a small and a large towel.

We provide newbrand bed packs and dry cleaner ones. Both of them cost the same price.

What are the dimensions of the beds in the furnished rooms?

365 has two types of beds in the furnished rooms: white beds 90 x 200 cm and brown beds: 90 x 190 cm.

Are there dishes in the room?

365 does not provide dishes except in the common rooms in buildings E and F. But sometimes you can be lucky and get what the previous tenant left.

Can I keep an animal in my room/residence?

365 does not allow animals in your room or in the residence.


Can I rent a parking lot?

Yes, you can. Send an email to the parking manager Jean to and specify you are a 365-tenant.

Is there bike storage at 365?

There definitely is. You can use our large bike parking for free. The main entrance can be found under the courtyard.

How to reach 365? How to get to ULB/VUB/shops/city center?

The nearest train station is Etterbeek. It is about 10 minutes walking up Avenue de la Couronne to reach 365.

The nearest bus stops are:

Bus 95 Wiener/Grand Place (bus stop: Thys)
Bus 71 Delta/de Brouckère (bus stop: cimetière d’Ixelles)

How to get to ULB/VUB/shops/city center?

If you walk towards the cemetery of Ixelles, you will find lots of shops in the vicinity of the roundabout. If you walk through the cemetery of Ixelles, you can take bus 71 to go to ULB or walk there.

Can I get information about public transport?

Contract info

How much is the deposit?

The deposit includes two months of rent.

When shall I pay the deposit?

The deposit should be paid by bank transfer at the latest one opening day before the check-in.

Do I get this back and when?

At the end of your stay and depending on the state of the room, the deposit will be partially (in case of damages) or fully refunded within the next 4 months (when possible already within 1 month).

Does an inventory take place before and after the lease? If yes, how much does it cost and do I get the money reimbursed?

Inventories always take place at check in and check out. €40 must be paid in cash at the office at your arrival and includes both inventories. This is not refundable.

Does the rent also include charges?

The monthly rent does include all charges such as water, gas, electricity, heating, maintenance internet, etc. You will get more details in your contract.

Do I need to register for domiciliation in Belgium? What are the taxes in Ixelles?

Registration is possible but not compulsory. Taxes for a second residence will cost you about € 90. If you have further questions about this topic, ask a 365-team member for more information

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