How to access 365?

365 has 3 main entrances. One can be found at 365 avenue de la Couronne (next to the E building) which is also our main entrance. Our second entrance you will find at 355 avenue de la Couronne (to enter building F) and the last one is at 76 rue César Franck (next to the A building). Between 7 pm and 7 am, the gates are closed. To enter 365 outside those hours, you need to pass your magnetic card on the magnetic reader and open the pedestrian gate. You will find the magnetic reader next to the gate on the left at Rue César Franck and on the right wall next to the gate at avenue de la Couronne.

What are the office’s opening hours?

The office is open every weekday from 9 am to 12.30 pm. Please respect these opening hours. You are welcome to see us for any practical issue linked to the residence, for payments or for the post. For in and out inventories or if you need us for any other reasons outside the opening hours, we ask you to contact us by phone or by email to set up an appointment.

+32 471 22 42 47


Who can I contact outside the opening hours?

In case of emergency : alarm in the residence or opening of doors, please follow the instructions hereafter:

From Monday to Friday, from 09h00 AM – 18h00 PM, please come to the office.

From Monday to Friday, from 18h00 PM – 09h00 AM (the next day) : you shall call Russo Security : +32 2 355 27 36 or +32 475 63 50 56

During the weekend (and on Fridays from 16h00 PM), please call Russo Security.

Please for any other issue, wait until the office is open to come and see us or send us an email.

What to do if I lose my key/magnetic card?

During the opening hours, you can come to our office to inform us about your lost magnetic card and we will help you. Outside the office hours, please call Russo Security: +32 2 355 27 36. Please note that if you lose or forget your magnetic card inside your room, you will have to pay € 25 during daytime and € 50 after 7 pm or in weekends/holidays.

Where is the laundry room and how much does it cost?

Our laundry room can be found in the basement of building E. To enter building E, pass your magnetic card on the code reader next to the glass door of the building.
Every cycle costs two euros, and the washing machines and dryers only work with €1 coins. To find more instructions for the use of washing and drying machines, 365 put big posters on the walls with more explanation.

Warning! The washing machines and the dryers must be switched on before inserting the coins; otherwise the coins will be lost.

What to do if I don’t have coins to use in the laundry room?

If you are using the laundry room while our office is open, you can come to see Amisha who can exchange notes for €1 coins.

What to do with my trash?

The bins must be taken to the containers on a regularly basis. In no case, trash can be put in the corridors, staircases or courtyard. There are different trash rooms for our students living in different buildings:
For the residents living in building A, B, C and D, there is a trash room in building A which can be entered via building B (see photo). In this trash room there is some explanation about how to sort your waste.
For the residents living in building E, it is easier for them to use the containers that are placed outside at the court next to building E. Since these containers are outside, we don’t have any place to hang more information about how to sort your waste, but you find them in each kitchen. That is why we give you an overview on our website about it.
For the residents in building F there is a trash room available in the basement next to the kitchen. You can deposit all your trash there.

Is there Wifi everywhere?

There is WIFI in every room. You will find two WIFI networks in your room: 5.00 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz. The 5.00 Ghz network is more stable but cannot be detected by older devices. If needed, an Ethernet cable can also be provided on request at the office.

If you cannot have access to a website page because of the firewall, please contact us.
In case of a problem with the modem, you can turn it off and on again, but please never push on the reset button of the internet modem!

All our residents can have access to Wifi in the study room or outside in the garden (courtyard) through the “VP-Patio” network. To connect, use first your building name, then floor and room number and finally your personal password (this password will be given to you at your first day of you stay with us) as such:
A-00-00 (Building- floor number – room number e.g. C-02-14)
aaaaa1111 (personal password which is written at the back of your modem)

How can I receive letters/packages?

You will find the address of your accommodation in your contract point 1.
To receive letters directly in your mailbox, please change the name on the mailbox label and add “B- followed by the number of your mailbox” to your address (you will find the mailbox number on a sticker stuck on the left side of the mailbox).

For example:
Mr. Smith
Avenue de la Couronne 365 B-25
1050 Brussels

If the address is not written correctly on the letters, they will arrive at the office where you can get them during opening hours.
Packages will always arrive at the office directly. We will inform you when received and again, you can pick them up during office hours or by appointment.

What is the number of my mailbox?

Mailboxes are situated on the two main entrances: Avenue de la Couronne and Rue César Franck.
Please click on this link hereafter to find out what is the number of your mailbox : mailboxes number

Where is the study room and what are the opening hours?

There is a very large study room which can be found in the basement of building E located next to the laundry room. This study room is accessible to all 365-students, whether you live in building A, B, C, D, E or F. It is open every weekday from 9.30 am till 5 pm.

Can I paint the walls of my room? Or can I make changes in the room?

If you would like to paint walls or to make changes in the room, we will not prohibit it, but we do expect to receive the room back in its original state at your check-out, as was the case when you checked in at your arrival.

Can I change rooms?

We do not accept people changing rooms. Of course, if there would be a problem in your room, you need to inform us about it as soon as possible.

Can I invite guests into 365/into my room?

Visitors are welcome during the day but for security reasons visits are prohibited between 10 pm and 7 am, unless in exceptional cases. This must be requested by the resident beforehand and accepted by a 365-team member.

Can I smoke in 365?

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the buildings and certainly inside the rooms and communal spaces. Ashtrays have been placed outside in the courtyard and on the walkways.

Do the communal rooms get cleaned?

In building E the communal kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned every Thursday. In building F the communal kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned every Friday. We ask our residents to respect your fellow students the days there is no cleaning service and keep the communal kitchens and bathrooms as clean as possible.

Is there a medical center at 365?

We don’t have doctors working at 365. However, if you have a medical issue or emergency, we can give you information about hospitals or general practitioners close to our residence. The nearest hospital in the neighbourhood is “Chirec – site Delta”.

For more information:

Contract info

How to pay my rent?

The monthly rent can only be paid by bank transfer.

Please write in your transfer’s reference the following information: first name + last name + building + room number.

If you do not have a Belgian banking account, you can easily open one for free at the ING bank on the ULB Solbosh campus. For more information, you can address the office.

If needed, the bank address of 365 is:

BNP ParibasFortis
Boulevard Louis Schmidt 2
1040 Bruxelles

What if I want to terminate my lease agreement before the ending of the contract?

If you would like to break your contract lease, the current rent of departure as well as two months of compensation will have to be paid before departure.

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